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Are background checks done on the Friends?

No, we do not do any background searches on the Friends or Members on the website. We operate in the same way that dating websites do by offering the following safety tips:

When you meet someone online it's always important to follow standard safety rules. You are most likely going to meet someone that you have never met before. It's important to follow safe habits when meeting someone new for the first time.

1. Always meet in a public place. This is very important, never meet someone you don't know at their house or at a private location. Meeting in public will help both of you feel comfortable

2. Always have a phone with you, or some spare change if you need to make a phone call.

3. Always tell your friends where you are going and who you are going with. Leave a contact phone number and name. Tell your friend or family member where you are going and what time you are planning on coming home. It's always good to have one of your friends or family member call at a planned time just so they can check in. Also it's important that the person you are meeting with is aware that your friends/family know where you are.

4. Trust your gut instinct. If something doesn't feel right, get out of the situation. Never put yourself in a situation where you are uncomfortable.

5. Before you meet someone ask for their photo just so you know what the person looks like before you meet them

6. Never have a problem saying "No". If you are not happy with something, make it clear.

7. Remember these are NOT dates you are going on. You are spending time together. There is NO physical contact allowed!

8. If you are planning on drinking, don't get drunk. This is just common sense, especially if you are meeting someone for the first time.

9. Don't leave any of your belongings unattended. Purse, wallets, jackets, etc. Anything of value should be watched at all times.

10. Always take your own transportation. Never get in a car with a stranger! (If you don't want to drive, please use Uber/Lyft a taxi service or public transportation.)

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us

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