What is the difference between a Friend account and Member account?

A Friend is someone who wants to get paid for their companionship. (They want to get hired and make money)

While a Member is someone who wants to hire a Friend. (They are looking to pay to hire someone)

Being a Friend is 100% Free and Friends get to keep 100% of the money they earn.
There are NEVER any fees to be a Friend! Being a Friend is always 100% Free!
To learn more about becoming a Friend visit: https://rentafriend.com/register/beafriend/

To become a Member of RentAFriend.com to hire Friends, you must pay a Membership fee. We have two different subscription plans. Both plans give you the exact same access to all of the Friends on the website. The only difference between the two plans is the price and length (amount of days) of the Membership.

Plan 1: The cost is $24.95 per month, which automatically renews every 30 days. You can cancel billing at any time, and your account will remain active until the 30 days are up. (You can even cancel your subscription as soon as you join, that way you will only receive one charge of $24.95, and your account will become inactive once your 30 days are up.) To cancel billing, please see below.

Plan 2: The cost is a one time fee of $69.95 which is good for 1 year (365 days). This plan does NOT renew, it's strictly a one time fee. Once the 365 days are up, your account will become inactive. If you would like to renew your account after the 365 days are up, you would need to manually re-enter your payment details. You can do this by logging into your account and clicking on "Subscription" on the left side menu of your dashboard.

All charges are in US Dollars.

You can read more about becoming a Member here:

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