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  1. Are background checks done on the Friends?

  2. As a Friend on the website, is my Phone Number Public for the world to see?

  3. Billing Questions

  4. Can I become a Friend for hire with my Husband/Wife/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Friends, etc?

  5. Can I hire a Friend to Cuddle, Massage, Hold Hands, Kiss, etc? NO - Please read


  7. Do I get charged for text messages?

  8. Do I have to pay taxes on the money I make as a Friend?

  9. Does RentAFriend offer any other ways to make money online?

  10. How Are Members Able To Contact and Hire Friends?

  11. How can I change my location?

  12. How can I get "Recently Active" listed on my profile?

  13. How can I hire a Friend?

  14. How can I join RentAFriend as Friend for hire?

  15. How can I report an inappropriate Profile or Message that I received?

  16. How can I Whitelist RentAFriend's Email so the messages don't go to my spam folder?

  17. How do Friends get paid?

  18. How do I cancel my billing?

  19. How do I Change My Phone Number?

  20. How do I delete my profile?

  21. How do I get noticed or have my Profile listed higher in the results?

  22. How do I update my phone number on my account?

  23. How do I update my profile?

  24. How do searches work? What are the Most Active Friends?

  25. How does the text messaging system work?

  26. How much do Friends cost per hour?

  27. How much does a Membership to RentAFriend Cost?

  28. I didn't receive a SMS/Text notification to confirm my phone number

  29. I received a "Friend Request", what do I do next? Can I reply to the Member?

  30. I received the message ""Please enter a location using the autocomplete box." - What should I do?

  31. I think this is a great/stupid/horrible/awesome idea.

  32. I'm a Friend on the website, can I contact Members to hire me?

  33. It's been over 24 hours, how come my profile is not live yet?

  34. Member Profiles - Do I need one?

  35. Problems logging in?

  36. What Countries is RentAFriend Available In?

  37. What format should photos/picture be in?

  38. What is the autocomplete box? How do I set my location?

  39. What is the best way to keep track of who I meet?

  40. What is the difference between a Friend account and Member account?

  41. What is the Friend Request feature?

  42. When I search a location, some Friends seem farther away than other. How are the results determined?

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